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Selling Bitcoin

When you initiate a Sell transaction through the sell page, the Bitcoin price for your transaction will be locked in for a few minutes. We advise you to continue your checkout without delay. If your transaction takes more than the lock in period to finalise, your Bitcoin price will be updated with the actual sell price at the time of receiving your Bitcoin. In that case your payout may differ slightly.

After receiving at least 3 confirmations the payout procedure is initiated. When sending Bitcoin, don't forget to add a network transaction fee for the miners. Otherwise confirmations can be slow and your payout might get delayed.

Payout schedule

Bitcoin received and confirmed on working days before 12:00 CET Bitcoin received and confirmed on working days after 12:00 CET or weekend/holidays
Dutch bank account. Funds on your bank account same day. Funds on your bank account next working day.
Bank account with any bank in the Single European Payments Area (SEPA). Funds on your bank account within 1-3 working days (depending on bank). Funds on your bank account within 1-3 working days (depending on bank).

Alternatively if you don't use the form on the Sell page to lock your Bitcoin price, your Bitcoin will automatically be traded when happyCOINS receives them

In either case you need to send your Bitcoin from your wallet to the specific Bitcoin address which is connected to your happyCOINS Account. You received this address when you created your happyCOINS Account. You can also view this address after clicking the Review Order button.

Only send an amount of Bitcoin within the limits of your happyCOINS Account. You can check your limits by submitting your Account Code above. If you send Bitcoin in excess of your limits, the whole transaction (after your confirmation) will be returned to a return address connected to one of your Accounts (with deduction of a small Bitcoin penalty to pay for transaction costs).

The transaction costs consist of a service fee, a miners (network) fee and a bank fee. You will receive a confirmation email with the transaction details after your Bitcoin have been traded. The payout procedure of the resulting funds to your bank account runs every working day at 12:00 for all European banks.

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