Does HappyCoins have transaction limits?

The minimum and maximum daily crypto currency buy and sell volumes per HappyCoins Account depend on the trust level and type (Personal or Business) of your Account. To check your limits, submit your HappyCoins Account Code on the Buy or Sell page.
The initial daily limitation for ‘New’ Personal Accounts is released automatically one week after the first buy transaction (not the test transaction). At that point the status of a ‘New’ Personal Account is upgraded to 'Trusted' which enables higher transaction options.
For certain countries and/or banks, we need to establish authenticity of identity and verification of bank account ownership in order to upgrade a New Personal Account to a Trusted Personal Account.
New Business Accounts can only perform test buy transactions. For other transaction amounts, Business Accounts need to be VERIFIED.
When you send crypto currency to your crypto currency sell address in excess of the respective limit, the crypto currency will be returned automatically minus the miners (network) fee.