Partnership information

HappyCoins started in the early days of bitcoin as a Bitcoin exchange. Today, HappyCoins is one of the best rated digital currency exchanges servicing more than 15.000 acounts.

HappyCoins supports multiple currencies and a multitude of instant payment methods, enabling consumers Worldwide to buy and sell digital currencies in a very convenient way. The HappyCoins website is available in 6 languages.

The HappyCoins label is owned and operated by Digital Currency Services B.V. with a seasoned and experienced compliance team that, in cooperation with our banking partners, has implemented a high standard of KYC, AML and ATF procedures.

Nexus, the automated backend technology servicing the HappyCoins label, is offered by Digital Currency Services B.V. as a white-label API-enabled cloud solution to professional retail digital currency exchange partners. Nexus handles customer support, trading, instant payment methods, compliance, financial reporting, risk management and fraud prevention. We offer different partner models: from independent exchange companies to subsidiary sales channel label.

Nexus is already in use by digital currency exchanges like Bitcoin Suisse AG, one of the oldest and largest Bitcoin brokers and crypto-currency wealth managers in central Europe.

New partners that are interested in a starting a professional private label retail exchange are invited to request for more information. Please contact

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