An IBAN bank account number contains a maximum of 34 alphanumerical characters and begins with the country code, like NL01RABO0123456789. To translate your normal bank account number to an IBAN code, you can use a tool like IBAN Calculator A SWIFT or BIC code contains 8 or 11 alphanumeric characters and is a standard format of Bank Identifier Code (BIC). The SWIFT code is an unique identification code for a particular bank. Please consult your bank or online services such as The SWIFT Codes for your bank SWIFT code. You can buy Litecoin and sell Litecoin directly after creating a HappyCoins Account. HappyCoins works with Accounts to provide you with additional security. It also gives you a 'one-click' ordering method, which speeds up the process and helps you avoiding errors. Your account is only used for these purposes. HappyCoins does not keep or manage any Crypto wallets and/or Euro deposits. The bank account you use when creating a HappyCoins Account determines the type of your Account. If you use a personal bank account, select 'Personal' when creating a New HappyCoins Account. However, if you intend to use a business bank account, you need to select 'Business'.

Buy limits (per day / per month)

Account status Personal Business

Sell limits (per day / per month)

Account status Personal Business
New Not allowed

* Sofort Banking, GiroPay and MyBank are limited to 1000 EUR equivalent per day.

Manage your Account

Forgotten your Account? You can request for an email with the Account info of all your active Accounts: Request Account Info

You can add new Litecoin wallet addresses by creating Additional Accounts using the same details and trust level of an exisiting account: Additional Account

Personal Accounts

  • NEW: during first week after your first buy transaction (not test transaction). To bypass the one week transaction limit for New Accounts, HappyCoins offers a 'fast track' confirmation procedure: Need fast track?
  • TRUSTED: automatic upgrade from New Account one week after the first buy transaction (not test transaction).
  • VERIFIED: on request - authenticity of identity and proof of residence required. To request for personal verification procedure: Want account verification?

Business Accounts

For Business Accounts verification is required.

  • NEW: Only test transactions available
  • VERIFIED: multiple buy transactions per day up to a maximum of 5000 euro per transaction. To request for business verification procedure: Want account verification?