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At this moment you can only initiate test transactions, because HappyCoins did not receive the payment of at least one earlier buy transaction. Please contact your bank; probably your payment order was not fulfilled by your bank or your bank performed a refund. For questions you can contact the HappyCoins support team.
You have successfully completed your first buy transaction. As soon as your payment has arrived on our bank account your limit will be increased. This will typically take one working-day. Thanks for your understanding.
Currently you can only initiate test transactions. To increase your limits you need to upload your FotoID. After it has been checked your limit will be increased. This will typically take one working-day. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Maximum buy amount is limited due to:
  • Low Litecoin reserves.
  • The daily buy limit.
  • The monthly buy limit.
Service fee 0.00 EUR
Miner fee 0.00 EUR
Bank fee 0.00 EUR
Subtotal 0.00 EUR
Purchase 0.00000000
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Sofort-Payment Service is currently not available for German Sparkassen accounts. GiroPay and SEPA are both available.

Buy Litecoin with online instant payment method

HappyCoins Account holders can almost instantly buy Litecoin using the applicable online instant payment method (iDeal, Bancontact Mister Cash, GiroPay, MyBank, Sofort and Interac). Within a few minutes you will automatically receive the Litecoin you ordered in your private Litecoin wallet. Note: some transactions may have a send delay.

The exact amount of Litecoin you can puchase for the selected amount of money is dynamically updated above (refreshes every minute) according to the real-time buy price. When you click the Review Order button, the Litecoin buy price will be locked and the lock in period is displayed. This way you know exactly how many Litecoin you will receive in your wallet. After clicking the Review Order button we advise you to continue your checkout without delay. If your payment takes more than the lock in period to finalise, your Litecoin price will be updated with the actual buy price at the time of receiving your payment signal. In that case the final amount of Litecoin sent to your wallet may differ slightly.

Buy Litecoin by European bank transfer (SEPA)

European HappyCoins Account holders in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) without access to an instant payment method can buy Litecoin by bank transfer. The Litecoin price is equal to the actual market price at the time your transaction is processed by HappyCoins after receiving confirmation from our bank of your transfer.

Make sure to initiate your bank transfer from the same bank account as is connected to your HappyCoins Account and to put your HappyCoins Account code in the comment field of the bank transaction! The HappyCoins bank account details for initiating a bank transfer are displayed when reviewing your order.

The transaction costs consist of a service fee, a miners (network) fee and a bank fee. You will receive a confirmation email with the transaction details after the Litecoin have been sent to your wallet.